Cataloguing Conventional Broadcast Media

This paper takes a glance at the excess of standard broadcast media/ social media tries at mobilization and lost opportunities in social mobilization of African country|African country|African nation}|African country|African nation} towards democracy and sensible governance in Nigeria with a read of obtaining our acts right for a much better Nigeria that's set for progress and development in an exceedingly democracy. Definition of terms: Cataloguing standard Broadcast Media – should do with ex-raying or documenting or inventory of convectional public and personal media organization in African nation.
Social and Mass Mobilization should do with the aware, general packaging of reports and Programmes on Radio and tv with a read of teaching, informing amusive and cultural promoting or agitative the audience – i.e viewers and listeners towards some specific actions and inactions in line with the agenda – setting objective or the media. Shaibu (1996) Mission and Vision – should do with the target and reasons for existence. Abortion – during this paper refers to the numerous lost opportunities for African nation to birth a greatmedia for the state in search of progress prosperity and development. Democracy and sensible Governance – should do with government of the folks, for the folks, and by the folks that provides dividends of democracy like education, rule of law, equity, justice, protection of lives and property, water, power, transport, agric etc.just to say however a number of. If there's a interdependence between city and robe, between Government and tutorial establishment and therefore the Media in Federal Republic of Nigeria, most of the issues bedeviling our Nation during a cyclic one-step-forward-two-steps-backward movements would are handled long previously.
We say therefore as a result of the tutorial establishments in Federal Republic of Nigeria square measure the think-tank of concepts for development whereas the media is that the engineering for the event of such plan in sensible ways in which within the completely different people’s contributions in Programmes and News for the realization of such concepts. Shaibu (1996) says “a acutely aware, Programmes of our standard Radio andTelevision Stations at Federal, State and Private broadcasting levels and general packaging of stories, with a read of training, diverting, informing, and culturally promoting and provocative the audience i.e listeners and viewers towards specific actions/ inactions in line with agenda-setting objective of the media”. however the Station Managers and therefore the completely different Governments of our land don't listen. This conjointly gravitated into some sarcastic drama series titled Zuma Echoes meant to speak to the individuals and their Leaders for action towards a larger Nation, however of these were campaign promotions in drama and jingles formats that fell on deaf ears.
The result's the trial and error Governments that still do, rule, and execute policies an equivalent recent means and expecting, like crazy men and specialists, apology to Wole Soyinka, completely different results,rather what we tend to do is that the abuse and misuse of the media of social and mass mobilization for private and ulterior motives of he-who-pays-the-piper-dictates-the-tune at social group and kin journalism, bread and butter journalism, journalism of man-know-man, slender identity media apply, yellow-journalism, jaundiced Journalism and of late media act of terrorism as enunciated by Shaibu (Sundry works) Akinfeye (1990, 1982), Ayandele (1974) Ekwensi (1993) et al.