Phenotypic Characteristics of Goat

Studies were allotted in stir, Oye and Ikole LGA in Ekiti state to see the phenotypical characteristic of West African Dwarf goats (WAD). 132 West African Dwarf Goats comprising sixty six females and sixty six males were willy-nilly hand-picked for the study. The aim was to document the body characteristics of the WAD goats in 3 native governments in Ekiti State, Nigeria and additionally to see the result of sex on the body characteristics. The experimental style: randomised complete block design (RCBD) and means that were separated exploitation Tukey’s check. Results from body linear measurements for male and feminine goats varied between sixty four.00cm, 50.00cm, 46.00cm, 52.00cm, 11.00cm, 10.00cm, 7.00cm for females and forty four.00cm, 43.00cm, 35.00cm, 37.00cm, 9.00cm, 8.00cm, 4.00cm for males on heart girth (HG), linear unit (BL), wither height (WH), rump height (RH), Tail length (TL), Ear length (EL), and Horn length (HL) severally.
The analysis of variance (ANOVA) for the seven quantitative traits thought-about during this study showed completely different levels of significance starting from P= zero.05 to P= 0.01. 2 traits (BL, TL) showed vital (P 0.05) distinction among the goats. there's extremely vital (P 0.01) distinction between the male and feminine goat for HG. Location showed no vital distinction (P 0.05) for HG, BWT, WH, RH, EL and HL. Sex showed extremely vital (P 0.05) distinction within the male and feminine goats. Location and sex interaction showed no vital distinction (P 0.05) altogether the quantitative traits measured. constant of variation (CV %) of all the traits resulted from low (10%) to high (41%).
Pearson correlation analysis showed that body weights can be foretold accurately from HG, and BL, WH and RH. The study indicated that the HG was with success used for predicting BWT of WAD goats measured within the 3 LGA’s and therefore the info obtained during this analysis would be helpful for goat phenotypical characterization of West African Dwarf (WAD) goats. Keywords: weight, linear measurements, Phenotypic Characteristics & West African Dwarf Goats. Goats square measure of nice economic importance in several developing countries, above all for the agricultural farmers as majorly a supply of financial gain, and in developed countries, for the assembly of high-quality merchandise and additionally for property development of rural areas (Pariset et al. 2009). Goat production in Nigeria majorly plays a crucial role within the economic improvement of rural farmers and has additionally facilitate in reducing the poor state of rural dwellers.
The supermolecule intake of a mean Nigeria is calculable at forty five.5g per head per day, this is often lower compared with the Food and Agricultural Organization’s suggested minimum intake of 70g per head per day, of that five hundredth (35g) ought to be of animal supply (FAOSTAT, 2008). There is this downside of inadequacy within the offer of animal supermolecule across the state due the inadequacy in production of live stocks such as: poultry, goat, cattle, pig, sheep, rabbit etc. Thus, there's thus, the requirement to extend their production thus on enhance the provision of animal supermolecule through meat consumption, and this might be accomplished through most use of promising native animals like goat. Gambo et al. (2004) reported that among cheap} and largely affordable supermolecule supply for this ever increasing population is especially the poultry merchandise and chevrons (goat meat).